A well-considered masterplan will create a vibrant development that can be successful both commercially and as a place in which to live and work.

We begin by establishing, with our clients, clear goals to be achieved by the development of the masterplan. The success of any resultant masterplan is determined by its ultimate delivery of these goals.

In developing a masterplan we address five core aspects. Place, People, Spaces and Uses, Movement, Resources and Buildings:

Assess and create the ‘Place’, whether it is a business park or a new urban quarter. A good masterplan should build in the flexibility for this place to develop and evolve over time as needs change.

Understand the needs of the ‘People’ who will populate the development, living and working in the place the masterplan creates.

Develop the ‘Spaces’ and ‘Uses’ that make up the masterplan. This includes the streets, green spaces, retail, workplaces, and homes that when properly combined make for a vibrant development.

Analyse the ‘Movement’ of people and vehicles through the masterplan ensuring efficient flow.

Understand the ‘Resources and Buildings’ that make up the masterplan. PRC’s long experience of many building types ensures that our masterplans are efficient, thought through and flexible in their layout.